Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Kicking Boxes and Other Exercise Misadventures

In my effort to better myself, I've decided a (not-so) new lofty goal would be to lose about 15-20 lbs. This would put me at my target body weight of about 135 and not to mention help to firm up my flaggy arms into something lean mean and sexy.

For about a year now I have been taking aerobic kickboxing classes. How about a little before shot?

The Sara before:

Okay okay, maybe not quite that bad, but really it's done me wonders. Since starting I've lost about 30 lbs. I unfortunately have gained a nice chunk back during a period of epic fail (and mass Cheetos).

My personal goal now is to get back to that goal by eating better and getting back into my exercise routine.

Last Wednesday was my most recent kickboxing class and dare I say I was a little hesitant to go.

Right brain says: Go home and stuff your face!
Left brain says: You should really go to class!

Well left brain won out and there I am standing in the sea of fellow box kickers. Our very peppy and happy instructor comes in and my spirits lift a bit. Sure, this will be great fun tonight! Get me energy for the rest of my night!

Flash forward about 30 minutes later and I am this:

(minus the fur, stripes, and, well...make it a very sweaty human)

Our instructor is still all peppy, happy and ready to get on with the second half of our workout! Abs!! I've never wanted to punch somebody so badly in all my life at this point. I grin bear it and do it anyway though!

25 minutes later and I am still breathing, barely. I did, however, complete the workout and the sense of accomplishment is terrific. I feel no guilt for not going and maybe I'll be less likely to go home and un-do all the good I did in class. One step at a time and I will reach that 135 lb. goal of mine. I'm 1/1000 of the way to being that smexy mama I've always wanted. Small steps...yes but steps nonetheless.

Can't you just smell the progress?

I didn't say it smelled sweet...Just plug your nose and it'll be just fine.

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  1. Gooooo Sara! Get down with your stinky, smexy self! ;)