Monday, October 24, 2011

The Epic Battle


is ka-rot.

Ka-rot and I are trying out a new thing after my recent breakup with snack bad boy, Cheez-its.

Ka-rot is nice, Ka-rot is orange (just like Cheez-its), Ka-rot treats me well (unlike Cheez-its). In theory Ka-rot is perfect!

The only problem is that Ka-rot is like the very nice, but very dull boyfriend. He is the personal accountant to Cheez-its's super spy. It excites you less. With Cheez-its, good times were very good (handprints on the rear when cheez laden hands are wiped on back pockets.) and the bad times were very bad (that third cellulite divot from the right on previously referenced rear)

Ka-rot is really trying hard to be a good substitute for naughty snack-affair but the truth of the matter is.

We're both still adjusting to the switch...

Cheez-its is not giving up without a fight either. Even now, it's tempting me with cheezy crunchiness and calories! Even more attractive than when we were still together... ~le sigh~I just snag another ka-rot and try to put the temptation out of my mind. It's only the first day! I refused to be quite that weak.

It's about time to find a snack that helps me to become that person I want to be without guilt, judgement and self-ridicule. Ka-rot is that. Ka-rot is my Superman snack!

Then why is it that I can't stop thinking about Lex Luther...


  1. You can do it!

    Also, the picture of ka-rot cracked my stuff up.

  2. How about you can have 1 Cheez-it for every 5 ka-rots you eat??