Monday, October 10, 2011

Food Snob

I. Hate. Grocery. Shopping.

But I do love to eat and according to my receipts I spend an inordinate amount of money on food every month (Which is probably why every morning my pants and I enter into fierce battle for dominance around the area of my ass) Grocery shopping though? Not on my list of Top 5 favorite activities...

Which is why after seeing the extremely bare contents of my cupboards I decided it was time to brave the crowds and go out and gets something more than a box of chocolate pudding and some dry whole grain pasta (Now, that would be quite a culinary adventure...maybe for another blog.)

I donned my headphones and put on a little Muse for energy, Pat Benatar, for the hell of it, and Dirty Dancing, which was a mistake. Apparently breaking out into spontaneous dance between the lemon-scented Pledge and the Swiffer Sweeper is considered mentally unhealthy.

The grocery store vaguely resembles something out of a Mad Max movie with carts zipping around each other while other manage to serve as frustrating roadblocks. I tend to be more the Mad Max. Rule of thumb, do NOT get in my way or I might be inclined to ram you out of it.

How is it that when you go to the store, you always end up getting more than what was on your list, never fail? I had a list, albeit a hefty one and did get everything on it but when all was said and done I additionally ended up with a whole rotisserie chicken, a bag of minestrone soup (makes a half gallon, I live do the math), and some kicky new nailpolish.

Well there blows the grocery budget for this month. When all was said and done I had spent the upside of $140 and earned about 5 separate trips up my apartment stairs with my loot (Plus side: no need for the gym today!)

I did happen to notice a lot more generic store labels in my purchases this time around which is a major turn around from when I wasn't quite so strapped for cash. I used to be a major food snob. Old way of thinking: "But brand names are tried and true! I know I'll like them!" New way of thinking: "Screw it and give me the cheapie oatmeal!" I've learned the taste is not that different (oftentimes tastes the same!) and I save money! Little lessons learned are still a lesson learned right?! Small steps, my friend. Small steps.

Somehow these still managed to hop into my car when I wasn't looking though...

What can you do? When it's right it's right no?

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