About Me

~Walks up to microphone..feedback ensues~

Hello and welcome to Sara’s Guide to Self-Actualization, my experiment in self-betterment and well...yep that's as good a way to say it as anything (even if I just made it up).

I (like a lot of people) have lots of things I don’t necessarily like about myself, wish I could do better, etc. So what makes me special? Nothing really except I’ve decided to write about them!

~groans from audience~

Please control your enthusiasm…

But really, I’ve been thinking lately about things I’d like to do to better myself and expand my horizons (oh yes, I use big flowery concepts here) This blog is going to allow me the chance to do that, and share my experiences with others. I hope to succeed. I may often fail. Either way I hope to entertain you with my joy and misery.

Bettering thing 1: I want to be a better cook...Solution: I’m gonna cook more! Yes, less tuna sandwiches and fast food. (Warning: this one could be frightening)

Bettering thing 2: I want to be more well read…Solution: Imma try and read more! And you may be subject to some reviews and whatnot of awesome or horrible things I’ve read lately.

Bettering thing 3: I want to be better with money…Solution: I’m gonna actually try and budget and I mean more than just taking a quick look at my bank account every few weeks and thinking "Okay, no more Pizza Hut this month" (Warning: again also frightening)

Bettering thing 4: I want to be a better fit and sexy mama…Solution: Exercise and diet (sigh…) Oh well it must be done. (Warning: Could result in mass failure and mass Cheetos)

Anyway, just a few of the things I plan to focus on and more may pop up as time passes. On that note, let’s cross our fingers and pray for the best on this little experiment. Here goes nothing!