Thursday, December 1, 2011

Big Pimpin'...Spendin' G's

So, it's that time of year again!

The air is crisp, lights are being strung upon evergreens, the smell of clove and cinnamon permeates the air, and Walmart is quickly becoming a place I can only hope to get out of alive and without being pepper sprayed over a $300 40" flat screen. (If I ever do Black Friday, I'm wearing pads)

Of course we all know should know and focus on the real reason for the season, however it can be difficult with ads blowing up our newspapers and email inboxes stuffed with offers to free ship just about anything you could think of buying,

This has all got me started thinking of my own Christmas to do list. It's not always easy to stay budget conscious while still trying to provide your loved ones champagne and caviar gifts. (~sings~ If I had a million dollars, I would buy you a green dress...)

This year my sister has suggested (since her dishwasher decided to go on permanent strike and her stove isn't that far behind) that we keep our gifts to $20 and under...or homemade.

Now while I would love to be (and keep trying to learn!), I admit I'm not exactly the most creative or talented when it comes to making stuff with my hands. What does that leave? $20 and under.

Seems simple and easy and great for someone trying to stay on a budget right?! 


I cannot for the life of me figure out what to get her that would be unique and fun enough to fit her wonderful personality yet can still be found near the clearance rack. I know, I know I'm more than likely over-thinking this whole thing. She's going to love whatever I get her, but the moral of this story is:

My sister is hard to buy for!


Gifts for under $20 aren't as easy as they may seem!

I am hoping maybe a stroll around Retail Shopping Hell (aka: the local mall at Christmastime) will result in something decent to send to my sister in her holiday care package this year. Wish me luck with's highly likely she'll be getting a scarf and some form of semi-goofy hat.

She will not be the most difficult on my holiday list this year however. That title has always been held, and will likely always be held by my dad. Here is how our annual Christmas gift conversation almost always goes with little variance:

Me: "Hey, Dad! What do you want for Christmas this year?"

Dad: "Huh?"

Me: "Christmas, Dad. What do you want?"

Dad: "Oh...nothing. You don't have to get me anything"

Me: "You're not helping. I'm not NOT getting you something."

~Me walks away and asks Mom who inevitably gives me a good Dad idea~

But for however much I may complain I love this season, I love my family, I love the feeling of giving those I care about something with love from me. And, I do love and try to keep my eye on the true meaning of Christmas. Thank you, God, for letting us have your son on that day. I may sometimes get distracted, but it always comes back to You.

Happy Retail Shopping Season, everyone! 

Be safe, be good, and know that Drunk, Creepy Mall Santa has his eye on you!

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