Friday, February 10, 2012

In Mah Belleh!: The Next Generation

Week 3: Approx 158...bah! (The scale may lie but now I feel obligated to use it since the weight loss would be the same...)

Net Lbs. lost: 0
Workouts this week: 4
Cheez-it bags eaten: 0 (YAY!)

Well...was not extremely happy to see the big fat no change in weight, but oh well at least I didn't gain. And it's not necessarily about the weight for me. Sure I'd like to be a little bit lighter, but the goal is health and fit. I think I'm getting there too! Since I started this little journey to date, I have probably lost a total of 30-40 lbs. (give or take the yoyo-ing)

I managed to get a picture of myself after a kickboxing night. I warn you it's quite dark was dark and not of the best quality being a distance camera phone shot, but it's something to go off of. I preface this by saying I never would have posted a pic like this in the past, but the more I work at it, the happier I'm becoming with my belleh-section. I can't believe I'm even debating getting my first bikini ever this summer! But I we go ~big fearful inhale~

(Please ignore the stack of laundry waiting to be hung up on my dressing table...)

There you go, just like ripping off a band-aid right? I'll try to get a few more here and there for comparison's sake.

Workout wise, was average for me this week. Did my classes and work out extracurricularly too. Didn't get as many weight training sessions in this week, but planning to kick it in on the weights next week when I will miss my Wednesday class for pseudo-nephew sitting. (Which will probably be a workout all it's own)

The diet is where my excuses start coming out to play! My wonderful daddy's birthday was last Thursday so over the weekend he and my wonderful mommy came to celebrate with me. We ate some fabulous but totally unhealthy-for-you BBQ. I told him this was his present because he can never tell me what he wants for his birthday.  There was also some of this:

 (Yes, yes, that is a pink birthday cake that says "Happy Birthday, Dad". I got my dad a pink birthday cake. It was the only one in that smaller size that was white cake and I figured the taste would be more important than the color. I figured maybe that's why they used the blue at the store...try and butch it up a bit? He loved it...real men love pink!)

Sunday: Fat-tastic BBQ with the folks. 

Monday: Leftovers of above mentioned BBQ

Tuesday: Some of my fave enchiladas. Cooked chicken, monterey jack cheese, green chilies, a bit of sour cream rolled and baked in tortillas. With a green tomatillo green chili sauce. For myself, makes about 6-8 enchiladas.


Chicken Enchiladas

In my own healthitizing I used the lightest sour cream I could find and 98% fat free tortillas. Just to save time, instead of cooking the chicken myself, I used pre-grilled strips from the grocery. Could probably save some potential calories by cooking the chicken yourself. Again, not necessarily a super diet healthy recipe but still yummy!

(Sorry the enchiladas didn't make it to the camera phone, but here's a pic of the topping sauce! ~slow applause~)

Wednesday: Leftovas! (Hey, I'm a single girl and recipes rarely make for just one. Leftovers are my life pretty much.)

Thursday: More enchilada goodness!

Friday: Today planning on some baked salmon with lemon and tiny bit of butter paired with asparagus.

Hoping for some better results next week to share with you. Healthifying is not a sprint, it's a marathon...then another marathon after that in my case. 

Shout out with your own tips and tricks!


  1. Yea! Good job! You look great!!

  2. Mad kudos to you for posting your belly on the internet. It seems like you're working super hard and it's paying off!

    When you get into a work out routine, you have weeks where you stay the same due to muscle building. I bet you're feeling smaller.

    Now tips...feels wrong since I eat too much but I know for me the biggest challenge is getting in all your servings of fruits and veggies. Maybe you're better than me (I hope so anyway), but that's my only tip.

    Keep up the awesome work!