Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Stuff I Think is Awesome!

Well, today I had anticipated giving you an introduction to the furry little man in my life, my cat Asher (cue “Crazy Cat Lady” jokes) But for the second day in a row I have neglected to remember my camera camera (not my phone camera) which houses most of the pictures in my shrine of Asher.  Another day…
So instead I shall possibly bore regale you with my first entry in “Stuff I Think is Awesome!”
As a young girl, I wasn’t particularly taken with dollies and Barbies (even though I had them) what always enraptured my mind was the Lego. I would sit and play for hours, enacting scenes in my head with the little lego men. Subterranean cultures mining for gold, building ridiculously unflightworthy aircraft that, in my imagination, never failed to get the job done. You name it. So when my mom mentioned an exhibit coming to our local museum (you know those places where you can look at stuff but no touchie?) that featured artwork completely constructed with Lego bricks; I of course had to go see for myself.
That is when I discovered that Nathan Sawaya is awesome!
Anyone who can do this…

Out of a children's play thing is pretty OK in my book.

Some people might consider his style kinda creepy, but to me it’s creepy in a good way! He can create such powerful images (especially the everyman ones) with a simple block. It’s so different. More than just putting brush to canvas. Love it.

So creepy cool!

Freaky, but still cool!

Ha! Thought it was a photo or painting, did you? Noooppe! Lego!

Been there, my friend...

Bodies were life sized!

Planets!!! For the geek in me.

So if you ever get the chance to check out some of his stuff I would strongly suggest you do. It boggles the mind!

Check him out!


  1. Wow! That is way impressive!

    I loved legos when I was young too. I still occasionally check out the kiddie section in stores for what cool ones they have. I have noticed that kids these days cheat at legos. Seriously, most are already 1/2 put together. Lame. Kids these days *shaking fist*

    1. You're kidding? Half the fun was just making schtuff up! It's not Lego if you don't build it! I admit to checking out the toy aisles to see what's new too. They've got some cool ones, I admit but the classic are the ones you have the little slip of papers telling you how to put them together from scratch then throw them against a wall and do it all over again. Ahh memories....

  2. I gotta tell you... I'm on the creepy bandwagon. Though I CAN say I appreciate his talent. It just skeers me a little bit...

    1. I'm a little on the creepy side, but not in a bad way. In a good enough way that I think it's coo! :) Hi, Anon Amy!