Friday, January 27, 2012

Progress Report (AKA: In Mah Belleh!): Week 1

Yesterday, my good buddy Amy over at Buffalo Roam (Go see her! She misses you!) suggested that I start a segment where I highlight new healthy recipes I’ve been trying with my newborn healthy lifestyle. In a moment of Bridget Jones-like genius I’ve decided to go that extra mile and do progress reports (hopefully each week) of my…well…progress.
                                 ~stands awkwardly~                                
So here we go…
Week 1: Approx 160 lbs. (according to the scale at the gym. Which I say lies…)
Net Lbs. lost: -2
Workouts this week: 4
Cheez-it bags eaten: ~mumbles~ 2
This week, c’est difficile. Babysitting for my best friend and impromptu girls’ night took the place of my regularly scheduled kickboxing class and Tuesday night weight routine. While chasing a most adorable 7 year old boy truly constitutes exercise. I didn’t get nearly the workouts in that I have been. Even going tonight, the rest of my body says yes but my head says “Skiiiipppp it!” The battle is ongoing and we have yet to know the victor.
Meal-wise we are in the “Could’ve been worse but not great or creative” range.
Sunday: Spaghetti and meat sauce with spinach side salad. Pretty normal and not that creative. Moving on!
Monday: Raided bestie’s fridge for something resembling healthy that she said was in there, turns out I ended up eating her husband’s fried rice. Oops!
Tuesday: Girls night! Papa Murphy’s makes a meeeaaannn Veggie Delite pizza. I tell you that. I kinda want one now just thinking about it. ~salivates a bit~
Wednesday: Well, kinda copped out by just doing tuna salad sammich. Creativity points to me though for cutting up some sweet potato rounds and lightly seasoning them with olive oil, lemon pepper, and sea salt and baking them in the oven. Rather tasty.
Thursday: Another semi-cop out day. Frozen chicken teriyaki breast with the creativity points again going to the side dish. Roasted cabbage quarters seasoned with olive oil and spices. (Psst…it tastes even better wrapped in bacon, but I didn’t have any nor did I need it probably)
Friday: Hmmm yet to be decided. Still have a piece of chicken teriyaki however also have half a sub sammich leftover from lunch. I forsee me eating them both at some point tonight…~le sigh~
Saturdays have been reserved for splurges and treats (not too extreme) and we start all over again with another meal plan this weekend! I’m hoping to delve a little deeper into recipes too when I get more creative, this week was just mostly for ease and lack of time.
So there you have it. My own personal health confessional. Hoping that as we go the numbers start getting even better. Will try to get some pics of (gulp) me, as we go too. It’s just hard to take picksures of myself! Expect some cheesy phone/mirror shots (common of teenage girls) minus the stupid lip pucker and booty tooching. (Eeh, maybe if you’re good I’ll give you one someday)
If you’ve got any great ideas about recipes and whatnot, give a shoutout!


  1. You should definitely share if you come across any great recipes! high five for progress!!

  2. Looks like you're doing pretty well.

    And hey, you live alone, and if you want to have a sandwich for dinner then have at!

    When it comes to going to the gym, I think getting past that voice telling you to skip is like 98% of the battle. I believe this picture describes my mindset on working out perfectly...

    1. OMG that was awesome, Brandi! That's so being pinned to my own stuff now. Exactly how pretty much 95% of my workouts go! Love it! Thanks for the encouragement and have fun in Vegas! :)